Seasonal meetings on construction and terrain analysis

Due to its field of activity and expertise which lies within large construction projects, APL Construction Corp. intends to update and expand its sources of knowledge and information to address the effective issues in a multidimensional way. We also seek to pay more attention to the human and environmental aspects embedded in construction projects. Therefore, we intend to host experts coming from different fields (natural sciences such as geomorphology and related field of studies, remote sensing) in two consecutive seasons of summer and autumn. We believe such experts capable of conducting detailed geotechnical studies on a small-scale and in particular in relation to coastal areas could, in effect, advance the very science and methods that are employed today. Therefore, we are glad to host such meetings and provide an opportunity so that they can exchange knowledge and information with our experts and we hope it can pave the way for a comprehensive and detailed plan in costal area construction projects.

Additionally, for the experts interested in visiting and exploring our construction projects, we have set a date, a one-day opening, and we will provide them with all the available information they require, so that they might get acquainted with the particulars and the requirements of construction in practice and possibly reflect on them in their studies or get back to us with their suggestions on further developing our cooperation in the future.

These meetings will be held to discuss the requirements for site selection and the reasons behind selecting different sites for different types of constructions. We will sit down with the experts and have a debate about how, using the modern science and technology, we can make more cost-effective, environment-friendly, and less time-consuming constructions possible.

In the traditional approach to construction, the customary practice is to only examine the soil and the extent of its subsidence, although in recent years, seismic activities have also found recognition in that they strongly affect the type of constructions and the employed materials. The significance of other parameters such as sea physics data, hydrological and pedological data and tools like geomorphological maps are also increasingly stressed nowadays. Most of these data and their analysis lies within the filed of geotechnic and geomorphology. There are of course building and construction codes and standards as well that have been set by the authorities and expert engineers, however these instructions take a large-scale perspective and a rather general point of view. On the other hand, we need to conduct detailed local and regional studies based on the characteristics of the region in which we are working, if we intend to optimize the project. Our studies must aim to cover such details of the local area as pertaining to soil, climate, slope, stability and instability in the region, seismic geotechnical information and so on.